Every Journey has it’s own story

Every Journey has it’s own story

Have you ever be in situation that you’re alone but you’re not feel alone???

Yes it was happen to me, exactly yesterday 9 October when I attended Grand Final HiLo Green Leader. I was assigned by YOT Magazine as reporter, by the date I should come with one more of reporter but something happens and my friends couldn’t make it. At first I want to cancel this job, because the event was held at 10 pm until 11pm. In this condition I would not be able to go home by commuter line, but in the end I choose to attend the event.


Along in the way to Grand Final HiLo Green Ambassador lucky I meet one of my friends who were as coordinator of HILo Green Community (HGC) for Bogor region. It is quite surprising, because I never meet him in couple of months and I don’t even know He was coordinator in HGC Bogor.


It is releasing because I meet one of my friends in the journey by commuter line, I chat with him about my situation and for God Sake, he said that I could come to stay in HGC member apartment. And you know what , the one HGC member who owned the apartment was Kak Lita HGC national coordinator who actually I just met in event held by Diet Kantong Plastik in previous wednesday. It is like double luck for me.


In the end I could chase the commuter line next morning and connected with many new friends in HILo Green Community. Special thanks for Ms. Ranitya Nurlita

(HGC Coordinator), my mate Wahyu Teguh (HGC Bogor coordinator), and all HGC member that I met yesterday you guys awesome!

Make friendship as an empty glass.

Warmly regards



Let’s make world a better place to live. Smile :)


By : Aldrian Kuswadi

Posted on October 09, 2015 read:131

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