Everyone will die, but not every one was really life.

Everyone will die but not every one was really life.

Today I not intentionally watch one of my favorite movie Braveheart. I’m kind of person that can easily forget about movie which I already watch. So sometimes I watch the watch back the movie that I think include in my good movie list.

Today I watch back Braveheart movie which starring Mel Gibson as William Wallace. The movie itself mainly told a story about one brave person that lead Scotland into freedom. The plot was taken in 1314 when England invasion at Scotland.

I always waiting for Mel Gibson film, why? Because in every film directed by him always brings to you a good dialogue. The script itself filled with good words as the title of this article. “Everyone will die but not every one was really life”, this is the word came in the final part of the film, when William Wallace intended to trapped by Scotland Royal and was send as offering for England King’s. In the last meeting with His colleagues, they ask William not to fulfill  the Scotland Royal invitation because they already knew that was a trap. But William tell them reunited with Scotland Royal is the one way they could extrude England rule on their own land. With constancy of his heart he believed  and say to his colleagues, that everyone will die it just a matter of how and when. But not every one even know that He was really life.

I took something deep with this dialogue, I often saw people that passed their life without really know for what reason they are lived?  In this movie William Wallace told that a life what he dreams of is a life with freedom, because during England invasion in Scotland, the people were life in fear. They don’t even have the basic right in living such as houses, food, and choices.  That’s what he fought in his lifetime, and that’s a meaningful life,  a life with purpose.

A strong purpose will accelerate you more farther than you could even imagine. Find yours and live a real life.



By : Aldrian Kuswadi

Posted on October 24, 2015 read:92

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