Precisely Because We Are State College Students

Young generation is determinant of future generations of the nation. In the hands of the young generation, big and important decisions in the future will be taken and have an impact on the course of the story of the country. Young generation is also become an indicator whether the nation 
could be success or not. There is so much hope rests on the shoulders of the young generation. Young generation is the frontlines in facing the obstacles countries globally in this current era.
State college students are generally known as a nerdy college student, not up to date, don’t have great knowledge, apathy and do not have a large society network. State college student position is ignored on the higher education environments. It became some reason that make state college student disappointed. That problem became depressing and demoralizing subject of discussion quite often. But if we could become best quality of the young generation which have positive thinking and great ideas, that limitations could be some favourable opportunity to maximize our competence, our success and become the best one. 
My mentor, Merry Riana, once said to me to change our mind-set and our perspective to be more positive if we want to be a success person. For example, we usually said “I only” to tell many problems that we have or other complaints, let’s change the word become “Precisely because”. Precisely because we are state college students, we have a better change to upgrade our nations from governmental system. Precisely because we are state college students, we have more insight into this country compared to other students. Precisely because we are state college students, is a golden opportunity to show to the public through what we do and achievement that we get. A positive mind-set and viewpoint could help us to Countering the Indonesian Future Challenges globally.
Insight and skill are the next important thing to Countering the Indonesian Future Challenges which is very competitive. We need skill to upgrade our level and competences. But, however high and intensive our skills if we have not extensive insight and sufficient knowledge about our rival and our battlefield it will become useless. This knowledge and insight which determine how big or what level of our weapons that we need to fight on the battlefield. Precisely because we are state college students, we have much governmental insight about this country. And now, we need to expand it with learn about other countries. So, I need to increase my knowledge globally to know about international issue and other countries. With join in this organization, it really helped me to broaden my weapon and ammunition to compete deliver positive change for this country in government.
Next, we need Creativity. Creativity linked to opportunities. Opportunities arise because of the problems. The problem is not always a bad thing. MEA for example, many people who consider the MEA into a terrible threat, but for some people, MEA becomes a very interesting opportunity. 
We have a very sufficient capital to compete in the MEA, we only need to look at opportunities to make a variety of capital that we have it be something to compete in the MEA.
By compiling all of the above, we are able to Countering the Indonesian Future Challenges globally. With join to this organization could be the one opportunity to upgrade myself and my knowledge. And I will participation on countering the Indonesian Future Challenges start from myself, this organization and my environment.
By :
Lisa Amalia Artistry Ramadhani
Politeknik Keuangan Negara STAN
YOTCA batch 6


Posted on January 23, 2016 read:45

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