It’s all started when I had a cup of espresso with Strength in 2020

One morning, I had a cup of espresso with Strength and he introduced me to his delicacy friend, Acceptance. At first, Acceptance looks sweet and nice, so I thought I want to be her friend. Little did I know, it was really a bumpy friendship journey because she kept pushing me beyond my edge. She always acts like she knows everything, so we kinda fought a lot. But deep down, I always admire how she never gives up to remind me about my value and heart.

Acceptance taught me to understand that no matter how hurt I am, I will always have Strength with me to pass it. Then, Accepatance also asks a little more room for her in my heart.

She asked me to believe in her. Of course, I hardly accept that, because she’s really such a pain. One day, she came to me with a book that showed me the journey of my victory and failure during my whole life: the forgettable fought with my brother, the stoppable argument with mom and dad, the B- score for my Biochem class, countless tears and laughs with friends and many more. It was there, all of them. Acceptance hugged me tight and said, “whenever you think that you are walking alone in the tunnel of problem, open your heart for me, and together, we will get out at the other side with a new kind of joy and a better you”. Her words hit me hard, so I made peace with her and hugged her back.

Have I told you before that Acceptance is a married woman? If not, then I must have forgotten to mention it. ANW, on that night, I also met Forgiveness, her husband, and their baby, Hope. Hope is an innocent and beautiful girl who looks so peaceful but fragile, so I’m really afraid to touch her.

But, Acceptance and Forgiveness re-assured me that everything will be all right so they let me to hold Hope. I hold Hope very slowly and gently, until she was so close. Then there were this split second when I heard her heartbeat, I felt very warm.

It felt like we shared the same heartbeat and if I kept continuing having her in my heart, life is so worth to be living for. Then, I promised to always take care of her, hold her gently in my heart, and grow together with her, my Hope. Happy New Year 2021, everyone!


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