#YOTsupport 5th IAAS Olympic

#YOTsupport 5th IAAS Olympic

Agroquiz is a competition for TPB’s (First grade students of IPB) student about agriculture, beside of to get more knowledge about Agriculture, this competition also give a hand for them to learn more about their subject about Basic of Agriculture. This is joined by minimum of one team consist of three students each team. This competition will be held in two day in 12 and 13th October 2013, in the first day it will be a qualification day for them. This qualification day has 3 sections, in first they have to do written test. Teams who get top 15 score for written test will go up to the second section, Problem Solving. A problem will be given in this section, and teams that will be selected to the 9 best teams have opportunity to go to final in day two. Final will held together with National Seminar, and for final itself, they have to compete each other by answer all the agricultural question, fast and correct. All the first till the third winner will get medals and certificate, but the prize is different. For the first winner team, they’ll get Rp1.500.000,-. For second winner team is Rp1.000.000,- and then for the last winner they’ll get Rp750.000,-.

IAAS on Action is the part of IAAS 5th Olympic event. This is also the first IAAS project to get conservation of forest by planting a 1000 tree’s seeds, what a big number. This event is free and open for public. All the participants will get lunch and also certificate by joining this. IAAS on Action will take a place in Cikarawang Village, Bogor which is a small village that already been our Project of Village Concept Project in two years. This is also event in IAAS Olympic that’s not held in 12-13th October, because in the main event in 13th October that is National Seminar, we will showing all the participants how our tree in 29th September get to grow well and have some caring sustainably.

Junior Agro-Enviro Competition is a competition for primary school students. JAEC is created to make primary school students who is the youngest generation get to know about agriculture. Children who join JAEA must have a team consist of three students. They also have to bring their teacher to accompany them along in the competition held. The winner will get trophy and certificate and also money prizes. By this event being held, with a hope our next generation will be more caring about agriculture and know how to organize nature with right

RTD is stands for Round Table Discussion. It is not a competition, but people here are asking to be innovative and self-compete. Because in Round Table Discussion, the participants will have to join the group, which is one class consist of 3-4 groups and will discuss about different hot issues about agriculture in each class. The topic will bring here is related to the main theme of this event, “Responsibility to Ensure Future Environmental, Agricultural, and Societal Sustainability and through a Real Movement.” In this discussion definitely will have moderator and speaker. Moderator will be from member of IAAS itself, and those speakers will be from students in IPB/ other who have known as a specialist of each theme of the class. Those who participate in here will be given certificate and notebook for free. Even it isn’t any prizes, but the experience they’ll get is unforgettable. In each year of Round Table Discussion, this event always have some foreign students participated in. Last year about 8 to 9 foreign students from Malaysia, Thailand and Korea had participated in.

National Debating Contest of Agriculture is the first year in IAAS Olympic and also one of the main event in IAAS Olympic. Before, it is created for High School Students in 4th IAAS Olympic. But for some reason, IAAS give the chance for varsity students from all over in Indonesia to be participate in. In previous year of NDCA, it was an enthusiastic competition, this year will be more fascinating because of different targets of participants and also their knowledge about agriculture mustn’t doubt out. This competition like Agroquiz and JAEC also held in two days consist of qualification section and final. They who pass to final doesn’t have to pay the fee of National Seminar, they also get trophy and certificate. Even the register fee for those team is 300k exclude the transport, but lots of college students located in near and far from IPB are enthusiasm to join this event. Many of them are also from IAAS in other local committee in Indonesia. With some good relationship with us, they are willing to come from their far university like UNDIP, UNBRAW, and UGM. One thing that more important is the Asia parliament system will be applicated with both prepared and impromptu motions

National Seminar is one of biggest event in IAAS Olympic. In every year of National Seminar, we invite speaker from outside like United Nations representative in Indonesia. This Seminar will bring with full English except for the JAEC’s section because of it has primary school students. In National Seminar itself, will goes with theme of IAAS 5th Olympic “Responsibility to Ensure Future Environmental, Agricultural, and Societal Sustainability and through a Real Movement.” Not only seminar, those Final from National Debating Contest of Agriculture, Agroquiz, JAEC and also result of IAAS On Action with planting 1000 trees in 29th September will be bring here. It will be an wonderful view because National Seminar will give you ideas and opinion to make the better agriculture. IAAS also spoil you with many types of merchandise and certificate. This is worth Seminar with cheap prices just only 20k.

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