Express Your Feeling through Writing

Have you ever been stressed out lately? What did you do to relieve your stress? Sleeping all day? Crying in the middle of the night? You feel better when you do those, don’t you? Or, do you need to let all the feelings that suffocate you out? Do you know that writing a diary or journal could also help you?

For some people, writing such a diary might be considered old school, especially when you jot down what was happening the whole day in a cute styled and colourful book. However, these days, there are so many online platforms offering places to write whatever you like such as blogs, notions, wattpad, even social media like Instagram. You can also make it private, so only you could access it. Therefore, you won’t feel like doing something old school by writing on such online platforms. However, some people still prefer writing on papers or a book, that’s okay, there’s no limitation on how you should write to relieve stress though.

The idea of writing could help people with their stress, and any other mental health that relates to emotion has been stated by some experts through their study. In one of the publications in the British Journal of Health Psychology, emotions are divided into two types, one positive emotion, and the other one is negative emotion. Writing about the positive emotions, like experiences that make you happy, or excited could help you to prevent yourself from getting stress or even anxiety. Moreover, writing about negative emotions such as something that gets you mad, sad, disappointed, it will make you let all the emotions that suffocate your chest out. Thus, you could improve our mental health. Furthermore, by making a habit to express emotion through writing, you are able to clear your mind, and understand what you might be worried about the most.

For me, writing is such displaying data in a process of data analysis. As you know, after collecting data, and then analysing it, we could only conclude it after we thoroughly see the data by displaying it. Thus, we can understand what the result is, and then make a conclusion. Writing down the emotion, or something that linger in our mind could also be considered as it is. We might never understand or never know what to do about that emotion just by overthinking it, till we let it out to make it clear what we actually feel.




Author : Ismi Nur Wulandari

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