Pursuade My Dream to be Landscape Architect Student

Never Give Up and Think Positive

My experience which give me satisfaction is my struggle for pass exam to enter university. It’s start in course place. Before that i have a fear to try something new. But, my willpower to make my dream come true  is have more than my fear. So i sign up in a new course in myplace.
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In there, i study not just about the lesson but i study about live too.

I study so hard to make a good grade in my try out. The try out is held every mount to evaluated our performance.
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Yeah, the result is not bad. I have a good friend in the middle mystruggle to increase my grade. We have a same purpose and have similar face. It make we a couple best friend in there. In the course, i like have a second family. In there, everyone have a smile to each other. It’s a good atmosphere to study more n more.My best friend and i always study together to increase our grade. She good in biology and i good in mathematics. We complement each other.

One day, i registration for SNMPTN online was open. In SNMPTN we can entrace the university without test SBMPTN. I talk with my physic mentor who graduates from Bogor Agricultural University about my mayor that i will take, Lansdcape Architecture. He so trust me can enter the university because he think that i suitable in there. I fill the registration online in mid time. I have a determination to my future mayor and it’s Lanscape Architecture. If i not accepted in SNMPTN i will try in SBMPTN and choice Landscape Architecture again and again. I think my passion is in there because in Lanscape Architecture is talk about art and biology in Lanscape and i can see how awesome the natural lanscape.
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Finally, time to the reslt of SNMPN. I back to home after my course and my mom had tears of joy. I don’t know why but i like if i see my parents proud of me. I hope i can make my parents more proud.